Become a Training Provider With Certification Connect

Reach more people when you list your trainings on the Certification Connect marketplace.
Offer trainings through the Certification Connect marketplace

Connecting Providers & Potential Students

Certification Connect’s exclusive system alerts users when their certifications are going to expire. When you list your trainings on the Certification Connect marketplace, our users can schedule a training online 24/7.

When you connect with organizations through our system, companies can request and schedule in-house trainings for their employees.

How It Works

  • Create your Certification Connect account.
  • Advertise your trainings and availability on the Certification Connect marketplace — for free!
  • Clients sign up for your classes.
  • Verify each client’s participation and upload certification documents directly to each person’s profile in the system.
  • Get paid!

Stop worrying about marketing, bookkeeping, or managing clients.

Start listing your classes on Certification Connect today!

Verifying Providers & Certifications

Certification Connect will verify all providers before they are allowed to provide training courses and certifications through our system.

Credentialed training providers are invited to list their trainings on the Certification Connect marketplace for free.

Certification Connect offers trainings through verified providers

Have Questions?

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