Certification Connect Works for Your Business

Certification Connect’s exclusive training management system keeps track of your employees’ trainings.

Our alert-and-schedule system prevents lapsed certifications — so your company stays in compliance and your employees can do their jobs safely.

Certification Connect is customizable for any company in any industry.

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 employees, our customizable, flexible, and automated system makes it easy to manage all of your training needs.

trainings online for nursing home employees
Nursing Homes & Home Health
Certification management for the oil and gas industry
Oil & Gas
Trainings and certifications for child care facility employees.
Daycares, Child Care & Schools
food safety trainings online
Food Service
Certification management for human resources and management at all companies.
Human Resources & Management
Certification management for construction and environmental quality companies.
Construction & Environmental Quality

Why Use Certification Connect?

Easy Organization

  • Keep track of which employees have completed which trainings in our user-friendly dashboard.
  • Our system streamlines how you manage, schedule and coordinate employees’ certifications.

Custom Alert System

  • Get alerts whenever an employee’s certifications are about to expire.

Flexible & Automated

  • Automate training requirements for individuals, for job titles, or for entire departments.
  • We’ll help you define those requirements and groups and implement them for you.

Train Online or In Person

  • Easily schedule a class for yourself or your employee through our marketplace when you receive an alert.
  • Find providers and schedule classes on site exclusively for your employees.

Custom Courses

  • Build your own custom courses for employees in the Certification Connect system.

All Certifications Verified

  • We verify all certifications earned through providers on the Certification Connect marketplace.


See how Certification Connect can work for your organization with a free, personalized demo.

We’ll import your data and give you demo of our unique training management system — so you can see exactly how Certification Connect would work for you.

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Certification Connect's training management system helps all companies stay on top of employees' certifications.