Certification Connect is ideal for individuals, managers, and training providers who want an easier way to stay on top of certifications and classes.

We connect individuals & organizations to verified training providers and certification courses.

Learn more about Certification Connect’s exclusive alert and scheduling system.

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Certification Connect is always free for individuals. Get custom alerts whenever one of your certifications is about to expire, and easily book in-person or online training courses with verified providers through our marketplace.

Certification Connect can help managers keep track of employees' trainings and certifications.
Managers & Administrators

Certification Connect takes the work out of managing your employees’ certifications. We’ll work with you to customize your setup — including implementing alerts for you and your employees and creating courses in the system.

Become a trainer and list your classes on the Certification Connect marketplace.
Training Providers

List your upcoming trainings on the Certification Connect marketplace for our members to find. Schedule trainings with organizations or individuals, and upload certification certificates straight into users’ profiles.

We verify all certifications earned through our marketplace.

We make sure each trainer holds valid credentials and has the expertise we expect — all so you can meet your necessary qualifications.

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